For over 5 years, both myself and my husband have used the financial services of Ms. Emara Hercules. Since then I have referred my mother, other family members, friends and colleagues. Her services have always been efficient, prompt & impeccable. I truly appreciate the honesty & advice provided by Ms. Hercules. Her services have proven to be in your best financial interest. 

Onika, M
I thought I had a good idea of my monthly budget but Emara helped me to break down all of my expenses further. It helped me understand a realistic budget and I am so thankful for it. She had my best interest in mind and thought of my long term stability. Emara helped me to invest wisely with what I can now and have the opportunity to grow. I trust her and look forward to growing my investments during the next stages of my life with her.
Monica, R
Hercules Financial Services Group staff are very professional, patient, knowledgeable and respectful. Didn’t use jargon that is hard to understand and did great with followups/communicating.
Amanda, A
Emara Hercules’ consistent tenacity, patience and in depth knowledge of what she does is why she is my go to!
Erseline, O