Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation Services

The core of our business is compliance and tax preparation services in all 50 states. We offer these services year-round and at competitive rates. The forms that we prepare are listed here:

Current and prior years
Federal 1040, all related schedules
All state returns, all related schedules
Single member LLC’s, sole proprietor
Partnerships, Multi-member LLC as partnership or corporation, most schedules
Corporations, C or S, most schedules
Tax Planning IRS Audits

Tax preparation and planning is critical to self-employed and small business taxpayers. It is the first step to ensuring you are paying the lowest amount of legal tax. There are many ways to structure a business to lower the overall tax rates. Entity choice, accounting method, financing structure, benefit plans are all looked at from a tax optimization perspective. The plan we create is reviewed against your actual results going forward and adjustments are suggested as they become necessary.

If your returns have been placed under exam by the IRS we can help. We can represent you with the agency, appearing before them in your place and handling all communication. We have a lot of experience in exam and we can quickly assess your case and let you know what the likely outcome will be and what is and is not possible.

Working on examination or collection issues with the IRS is not something that you should take on alone. Contact us if you need help in these matters.